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         If you have ever had a pet Persian, you would understand why it's the number one cat breed.  Their sweet temperament and disposition make them perfect family pets.  After acquiring our first Persian, I fell in love with the breed and wanted to provide quality Persians just like the ones I had the pleasure of owning.  We are very selective about the cats we bring into our breeding program and our goal is to breed together cats that will enhance each other and produce kittens that exemplify the Cat Fancy Association standard for the breed. Towards that end we are currently working on high white bicolor and solid white cats.  Our lines carry the blue eye and odd eye gene and occasionally we will produce kittens with these characteristics.  We have few litters a year and most of our clients are referred to us by friends.  However, we welcome anyone looking to extend their home to this beautiful breed.


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      We choose to be a cattery so that we could share with others the joy of having these beautiful sweet creatures.  We love all our kittens and having them go to a new home is bitter sweet, however we get great satisfactions from seeing how happy the new owners are with their new kitten.  When kittens are born at our cattery we shower them with love and attention so that they develop into happy loving kittens.  Once you have decided to become an extension to our Purr Kitty family feel free to reach out to us with questions.  We will always be available.  We ship nationally and internationally to anyone interested in one of our beautiful kittens.  We love to receive pictures of our kittens with their new owners and updates as they grow into beautiful adult cats. Welcome to the Purr Kitty family! 

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Joseph and Yalili Low

      We are a husband and wife team dedicated to raising our Persians.  We love Persians for their temperament, beautiful coat, and regal beauty.  They are the perfect lap buddies that love being spoiled.  They are the most affectionate of all the breeds, so naturally we wanted to be able to raise these little "purr" machines in our home, so the idea of Purr Kitty Cattery was born.  We then started to search for our foundation cats, looking for the qualities that exemplify the CFA standards.  We have been lucky to acquire excellent foundation cats from some of the best breeders all over the world.  We have lines from Europe, South Africa, and the USA.  Therefore, we produce excellent quality Persians with flat faces, little round ears, big eyes, and cobby bodies.

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         Our kittens are showered with love and attention from the moment they are born.   They are part of our family.  They are held and allowed to play freely as soon as they can walk.  They are never caged nor isolated from us ; that is crucial for their development.  We make sure to expose them to daily life: vacuuming, cooking, and any other sounds or experiences that they may encounter throughout their life.  Moreover, they are visited by our family and friends and get accustomed to having a busy home filled with people.  They spend most of their time with my husband and I, who are always pampering them with attention.  They develop a sweet disposition and are loving and affectionate towards their human family.  Our kittens are kept in a clean environment, free from parasites.  They have plenty of toys and spend all of their "wake" time playing and interacting with us.  They are all genetically tested and kept with regular check-ups to the vet.

​       They live with us in Miami, Florida in the USA.  They are healthy; PKD, Felv, and FIV negative. They are all genetically tested and kept with regular check-ups to the vet. You are looking for a lifelong companion and whether you're showing our beautiful kitten or want to open your home to one as a pet, it's important to know you are purchasing a kitten from a cattery that has taken into account both the kitten's emotional and physical wellbeing. 

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     However, our number one priority is the wellbeing of our kittens and we are very selective of the forever homes we place them in.  Whether you are interested in showing, breeding, or having one as a pet all our kittens are placed in loving homes that meet our standards of care.  Feel free to ask us questions and keep us updated with pictures of our babies as they adjust to their new home.  We know they will bring you as much love and affection as they have brought us.

      If you visit our home, you will see that not only are our kittens roaming free but they will come up to you to greet you.  They are very affectionate and love being petted.  We are a small cageless cattery that caters to the needs of our cats.  We will only place our show/breeder cats in cageless small breeding programs or forever pet homes.

We have a Facebook account dedicated to our cats "Purr Kitty Cattery".   

Welcome to the Purr Kitty Family

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