Want to know what kittens we have available? Please email us at yali@purrkitty.com or call us at 305-323-2119 (please leave a message).  Please include in your communication sex and color(s) preferred.  When would you like your kitten by?  What are you looking for a show kitten, breeder, or pet kitten?  We are currently working with bi-color (high white vans) and solid (white) Persians that meet the Cat Fanciers Association standards. We also have the very rare blue eyed and odd eyed Persians. We only breed pure Persian kittens that meet the CFA standard; we do not have doll face, tea cup, exotic or any CPC in our lines.

Persians are known for their sweet dispositions. However, Purr Kitty's kittens are the sweetest Persians you will ever know.  They are raised under foot, affectionately handled on a daily basis, and well socialized.  This is one thing that sets us apart from other catteries and that we are very proud of.  Many catteries claim to be cageless, but they have "some" of their cats caged or for "some" periods of time.  Our cats are never caged.  Females and kittens are separated in a different room during the first few months and kittens will be allowed to roam free as soon as they start hoping around.  Our cats develop extremely sweet, affectionate personalities because of this.  They are never left alone for long periods of time since we work from home.  Our cats adapt quickly to their new environment.  Don't be surprised if they are more like puppy dogs, following you around the house and constantly asking for affection.  This is the Purr Kitty difference!


The quality of our kittens is obvious in the pictures you will see on our website.  They exemplify the CFA standard for Persians.  We have imported cats from overseas and purchased top quality cats to produce this quality of stock.  We have winning lines from Europe, Bulgaria, South Africa, and the US. However, the quality of our pedigrees is also evident in the CFA official pedigree we post with parentage showing Grand Champions, Regional Winners, and National Winner bloodlines.  At Purr Kitty, you are purchasing a top quality Persian kitten.

Pet Kittens : All our pet kittens are sold neuter or spayed before leaving our home. There are no breeder rights on our pet kittens. Our pet kittens are sold with all recommended vaccinations, rabies vaccination, copies of parent's pedigree, CFA registration papers (without breeding rights), and PKD documentation showing negative PKD DNA testing of parentage.  Pet kittens are all kittens going to a pet home, however, this does not mean that the kitten is not show quality.  We do place show quality kittens in pet homes.  If we can not keep a show quality kitten and can not find an approved show home for them, we rather they live out their lives as a treasured pet.  These kittens are of exceptional quality and can be shown under Premiership for neutered/spayed cats.
Breeder/Show Kittens : Our show kittens are sold with superb pedigrees to have the potential to produce excellent show quality offspring. With proper grooming they could be exhibited at any sanctioned cat show. No one can "guarantee" a grand champion ... but our show kittens show that potential! We do not sell breeder quality kittens to show homes nor for breeding.  We believe that if your goal is to improve the breed you should be looking for a top show quality cat.  We do sell our best cats to breeders, we can't keep them all and we believe that as breeders we should contribute to the top quality gene pool by sharing our best offspring.


We occasionally will have cats that will be retired.  We are looking for a home that will love them and pamper them for the remaining of their lives.  We retire cats to keep our numbers low.  These cats are not sick, they are usually still very young, and of excellent quality and pedigree.  They will be priced at pet prices because they are leaving our home neutered/spayed, however keep in mind they are the best of the breed and that is why they were part of our program, they will be priced accordingly.  We may sell unaltered retired cats to another breeding program.  If you are interested, please inquire.


All our kittens are sold with CFA registration and copies of their parent's pedigree.  Pet kittens can be registered and exhibited under Premiership. Some may refer to this as selling "with papers". Be weary of breeders that claim to be selling pure bred Persians and can't provide "papers".  Some of these breeders have purchased their cats under false pretense and are selling unregistered cats that they purchased underpriced.  These breeders are only interested in making money and don't care about the health or quality of their cats.

Also, pedigree should be on CFA official paper and not just a printout. Pedigrees can be falsified and if you are not familiar with it, you may be mislead. Our main goal is to place our Show Quality kittens in homes that will exhibit them and continue to improve the Persian breed, thus, enhancing the Purr Kitty line.  However, we also place kittens in forever loving pet homes. 


We are a PKD, FIV, and FeLV negative cattery.  We are  parasite free:  we have never had any ticks, fleas, or ringworm on the premises.  Our cats never go outside and are never exposed to any parasites.  All our adult cats are DNA PKD tested negative, grandparent's test results are also negative.  We can provide you with copies of the genetic testing results of your kitten's parents.  Moreover,  all our kittens are sold with a contract that includes a genetic health guarantee.  We have never had a sick cat on our premises.  Very few catteries can claim that.  How do we do it?  Simple, our home is not exposed to outside cats.  We do not do stud services, we don't trade our females with other breeders to mix lines, and if we go to a show we completely quarantine the cat that went to the show. 

Additionally, our cattery has a yearly veterinarian inspection that awards us the Cattery of Excellencecertificate for providing our cats a sanitary and healthy environment.  In order to receive the certificate a veterinarian visits our home and we have to past an inspection that includes checking on all the vaccinations of all the cats in our cattery as well as whether their health and diet needs are being met.  We don't smoke and we provide a clean environment for our cats.   

Health is one of our most important considerations.  My husband lost his first Persian to disease and as we started this cattery, it was clear that above all else our cats would be healthy.


Once you have decided you want a kitten from Purr Kitty, please fill out our questionnaire on our contact page.  After we receive the questionnaire we will send you pictures of available kittens.  Once you decide on a kitten, only a 50% nonrefundable deposit will hold the kitten for you.  This is important because we have inquiries daily and we can't hold a kitten without a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will be considered payment for boarding grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason. We reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten at any time without explanation prior to delivery.  In the case of refusal by our part, we will return the deposit to the buyer.

We accept Bank-issued money order, Bank-issued cashier's check, Bank transfer, or cash. If payment is made via Bank Transfer, an additional $18.00 must be added to the total to cover the bank transfer fee. If payment is made via bank-issued money order/cashier's check,  payment must be delivered in person or mailed using the US Postal Service Certified Mail, UPS, or Fedex for safety and verification of date mailed and received.  In case of deposits for a particular kitten, until the deposit is received the kitten will not be on hold, therefore if we receive another deposit first we will be obligated to accept it. We reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten at any time without explanation prior to delivery. 

Kittens are priced depending on color, pattern, type, and quality. Therefore, price of kittens range based on the specific kitten.  We will place top show quality kittens in loving pet homes.  For example, our blue eyed and odd eyed kittens are very rare and therefore priced higher than our copper eyed Persians.  We also specialize in high white vans, that are very popular.  These cats are harder to achieve than the regular bi-color.  If interested in a kitten inquire about the price.  ALL kittens placed as pets are spayed/neutered prior to placement.  All payments are taken in good faith and are non-refundable. 

Please keep in mind that purchasing a bargain kitten may cost you a lot more over time in vet bills.  Our kittens are priced according to the time and money that we have invested on their health and overall wellbeing, they are pure bred Persians of top quality in excellent health.


If we don't have a kitten available, we can offer to place you on a waiting list and notify you once our next litter arrives. We don't take deposits to place you on a waiting list because we can't guarantee that a kitten will be available next litter, so asking to be placed on a waiting list is free.


We ship nationally and internationally.  We will ship anywhere in the world, however shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.  Keep in mind that the cost of shipping depending where you are located can be very expensive.  Ideally, you should be able to come pick up your kitten, however if that is not possible then we can arrange for shipping.  There are two options for shipping: cargo and carrier.  We would rather have the kitten travel safely on top of the airplane via carrier or be picked up in person.  We will ship via cargo, but we take into consideration the time of travel and weather conditions when making this option available to buyers.  Kittens will not ship via airplane until they are at least 5 months old, even if you are picking them up.  If you are driving you may pick up your kitten at 4.5 months old.  This allows the kitten time to have all shots necessary to travel as well as rehabilitation time for pet kittens that are spayed or neutered.

Shipping costs include airfare, vet check, USDA health certificate, additional per state required shipping vaccines (i.e. rabies), airport delivery expenses (i.e. gas, parking), carrier, blanket, etc.  


Every cat/kitten is sold with a contract.  Our cats are PK, FeLV, FIV negative and parasite free.  We are very serious about the health and wellbeing of our cats/kittens and about the reputation and top quality of our cattery.   Purchasing a show, breeder, or pet is a long time investment and commitment.  Once you have decided on one of our precious kittens, we will send you a contract. 

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