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We don't have any kittens available right now.

Last updated 6/26/2017

Available Kittens

Want to know what kittens we have available? Please email us at yali@purrkittycattery.com .  Please include in your email sex and color(s) preferred.  When would you like your kitten by?  What are you looking for a show kitten, breeder, or pet kitten?  We are currently working with bi-color (we have vans and high white) and solids (white) Persians that meet the Cat Fanciers Association standards. Occasionally we get inquiries about doll faced or tea cup, we only breed pure Persian kittens.  http://www.cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsKthruR/Persian.aspx Please visit this link to learn what a Persian is and what it should look like.


All our kittens are sold with CFA registration and copies of their parent's pedigree.  Pet kittens can be registered and exhibited under Premiership. Some may refer to this as selling "with papers". Be weary of breeders that claim to be selling pure bred Persians and can't provide "papers". Also, pedigree papers should be on CFA official paper and not just a printout. Pedigrees can be falsified and if you are not familiar with it, you may be mislead. We also sell kittens for show and breeding.


We are a PKD, FIV, and FeLV negative cattery.  We are  parasite free.  All our adult cats are DNA PKD tested negative, grandparent's test results are also negative.  We can provide you with copies of the genetic testing results of your kitten's parents.  Moreover,  all our kittens are sold with a contract that includes a genetic health guarantee.  Additionally, our cattery has a yearly veterinarian inspection that awards us the Cattery of Excellencecertificate for providing our cats a sanitary and healthy environment.  In order to receive the certificate a veterinarian visits our home and we have to past an inspection that includes checking on all the vaccinations of all the cats in our cattery as well as whether their health and diet needs are being met.


Once you have decided you want a kitten from Purr Kitty, please fill out our questionnaire on our forms page.  After we receive the questionnaire we will send you pictures of available kittens.  Once you decide on a kitten, only a 50% nonrefundable deposit will hold the kitten for you.  We have inquiries daily.  Deposits will be considered payment for boarding grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason. We reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten at anytime without explanation prior to delivery.  In the case of refusal by our part, we will return the deposit to the buyer.


If we don't have a kitten available, we can offer to place you on a waiting list and notify you once our next litter arrives.


We ship nationally and internationally.  Many catteries will ship via cargo, it is a much cheaper price.  However, we would rather have the kitten travel safely on top of the airplane or be picked up in person.