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At Purr Kitty we hold ourselves to very high standards, as every cattery should.  The well being of our cats is very important to us and we are honored to hold a Cattery of Excellence Certificate for every year that we have been a registered cattery with the Cat Fancy Association (CFA).  What does that mean to you, the consumer?  Our cattery is of the highest standard as evident by an independent veterinarian that conducts a yearly inspection of our cattery. 

CFA Approved Cattery Environment Program

A cattery environment inspection program exists for catteries registered with The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA). A cattery is a multiple-cat household maintained for the purpose of perpetuating and protecting the heritage and desirable traits of the various breeds of pedigreed cats. The program, which went into effect on July 1, 1992 offers CFA registered catteries an opportunity to voluntarily participate in the CFA Approved Cattery Environment Program(ACEP).

The cattery inspections are conducted by licensed veterinarians, using criteria established by CFA. The ACEP program has two tiers: "CFA Approved Cattery" and "CFA Cattery of Excellence".  CFA Cattery of Excellence being the highest possible rating.  Inspectors must be licensed veterinarians in the state in which the inspection is conducted.  The inspection of the cattery is conducted by the vetenarian who visits the cattery and looks for certain requirements.  For example: vaccination records, quality of cat food, litter boxes, number of cats, areas kept, over all cleanliness, etc.

Cattery of Excellence