​​Purr Kitty Persians

Kittens fell asleep while waiting to see the vet.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Cat carrier:
If your kitten is flying a cat carrier will be included in the shipping cost, usually around $30-$50 for the carrier.  If you are picking up a kitten, please bring a carrier with you. Carriers will protect your kitten when traveling by car.  The carrier for a 16 week kitten can be Xsmall but we do recommend that you get a small or medium carrier to house your pet as it grows and requires vet visits.  Persians can grow to be between 10-15 pounds.

Things to purchase for your kitten’s arrival:
•        Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food
•        Fancy Feast Wet Food Pate
•        Food Bowl
•        Rabbit Water Bottle (all our kittens are trained to drink from them)
•        Cat Tree
•        Cat Toys (they love the laser light)
•        Scratch Post
•        Nail Clippers
•        Buttercomb
•        Slicker Brush
•        Eye Envy (liquid and powder) we highly recommend this for their tear staining
•        Baby Shampoo
•        Cat Shampoo (see the downloadable grooming routine)
•        Covered Litter Box
•        Litter
•        Pet Carrier

The first few days:

Cats are very sensitive and smart animals.  A change to their environment is noticeable in their behavior.  It is normal for them to miss their old environment, siblings, and familiarity of where they were born.  They may seem distant from you at first, somewhat scared, and extremely curious of their new environment. Let them explore their new home. If you have other pets, give them time to bond with you first and then slowly introduce them to the rest of the pets in your home.  One of the things we pride ourselves of at Purr Kitty is having the sweetest and most loving Persians.  You will notice the difference right away, in owning a kitten that was never caged and was held and loved since birth.  Your kitten will quickly adapt to you and be purring and coming up to you for attention.

Your kitten will come with a small sample of dry food.  If you want to change to a different brand of cat food, always mix it with the old cat food and slowly transition.  If not they will get an upset stomach and diarrhea.  When giving them wet food (canned) also mix it 50/50 with dry.  We have found that this helps with their stool so that it’s not too soft.  The do really well if raw is given as a snack, we have never had stomach problems with raw.  However, raw alone does not provide all the nutrients they need, and dry alone does not work either.  The best is a nice balance of dry and wet food (and raw). *Raw should not have any fat in it and be as lean as possible.

You will receive your kitten freshly bathed.  They will not need a bath for a few weeks.  However, their eyes need to be wiped daily either with a wet paper towel or using Eye Envy.  Start on day one, to ensure that they maintain their eyes free of stains.  You may need to do mini-bathes of only their butt area if you see that they had diarrhea due to the new food.  That is fine and it’s not always necessary to do a full bath.  We do recommend that you bath them once a month, so 30 days after arrival your kitten should have their first bath with you.  At Purr Kitty we start baths at 8 weeks and every 2 weeks after, so by the time you get them they are used to bathing and blow drying.  You should comb your kitten every day, at least once.  This prevents knots.  Pay close attention to the following areas: behind the ears, on the neck, and the area between the legs and the body (armpits).

Vet visit:

You should take your kitten for a check-up within the first few days.  It’s good to establish a relationship with the vet.  Many vets will offer first time visits free.  Take the vaccine records we provided with you and set up the yearly booster appointment.  Your kitten will not need any vaccines, because at 16 weeks they have all they need for the next year.  However, the vet can always guide you and give you suggestions such as pet insurance, maintenance and care of your new kitten.  Your pet kitten was also neutered/spayed while under our care, you may want to check with the vet that it is healing fine.  Remember to keep an eye on them during this period and to follow the instructions our vet provided.

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