​​Purr Kitty Persians

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Our kittens are up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed, and litter-trained by the time they leave our home. They are DNA tested PKD negative, FIV/FELV negative, 100% free from upper respiratory infections, ringworm and parasites. Kittens are sold with a genetic health guarantee.


Persians are known for their sweet dispositions. However, Purr Kitty's kittens are the sweetest Persians you will ever know.  They are raised under foot, affectionately handled on a daily basis, and well socialized.  This is one thing that sets us apart from other catteries and that we are very proud of.  Many catteries claim to be cageless, but they have "some" of their cats caged or for "some" periods of time.  Our cats are never caged.  Females and kittens are separated in a different room during the first few months and kittens will be allowed to roam free as soon as they can walk.  Our cats develop extremely sweet, affectionate personalities because of this.  Additionally, they are not left alone for long periods of time since we work from home.


The quality of our kittens is obvious in the pictures you will see on our website.  They exemplify the CFA standard for Persians.  We have imported cats from overseas and purchased top quality cats to produce this quality of stock.  However, the quality of our pedigrees is also evident in the CFA official pedigree we post with parentage showing Grand Champions, Regional Winners, and National Winner bloodlines.  At Purr Kitty, you are purchasing a top quality Persian kitten.

Kittens are priced depending on color, pattern, type, and quality. Pet quality kittens are those that do not completely meet the CFA standard for the breed but will make beautiful, wonderful, healthy, loving pets. Breeder/show quality kittens are those that will have a positive impact on a breeding program, with proper care and grooming could possibly achieve champion or grand champion status at a show. 
ALL kittens placed as pets are spayed/neutered prior to placement.  All Payments are taken in good faith and are non-refundable. 

We accept Bank-issued money order, Bank-issued cashier's check, Bank transfer, or cash. If payment is made via Bank Transfer, an additional $18.00 must be added to the total to cover the bank transfer fee. If payment is made via bank-issued money order/cashier's check,  payment must be delivered in person or mailed using the US Postal Service Certified Mail, UPS, or Fedex for safety and verification of date mailed and received.  In case of deposits for a particular kitten, until the deposit is received the kitten will not be on hold, therefore if we receive another deposit first we will be obligated to accept it. 

Both domestic and international shipping are available at the buyers expense.  Shipping costs include airfare, vet check, USDA health certificate, additional per state required shipping vaccines (i.e. rabies), airport delivery expenses (i.e. gas, parking), carrier, blanket, etc.  

We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time we deem appropriate without explanation.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list or contacted as our kittens are made available, please send us your answers to our questionnaire found on our Contact page.  We will add you to our waiting list and notify you as soon as our next litter arrives.  It's imperative that you fill out the questionnaire as we try to select from interested candidates the best match for our kittens.

You Can Find More Information In Our Available Kittens Page

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions that are not answered here. yali@purrkitty.com