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Grooming and Care

Nutrition is an essential part of the well being of your kitten.  By the time your kitten goes home with you they will be on a solid food diet.  A good nutrition will ensure that your kitten lives its 15 plus years.  Some Persians have been known to live 20 years.  In addition, a healthy cat will mean less vet bills and the investment you put in a good diet will pay off in a healthy and happy cat.  Good nutrition will also reflect in the overall appearance of your cat, it's beautiful coat, and disposition.  At Purr Kitty we feed our kittens a raw diet.  However, ultimately the nutrition of your kitten will be up to you. Here we have provided some good links on why raw is good for Persians and how to go about feeding your cat raw food. 

RAW Diet Article




Sixteen week old kittens Casanova and Leia getting their bathes.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful characteristic of the Persian is its coat. Persians have very thick, long coats.  Because of this they require more maintenance than  a short hair breed.  Additionally, their eyes tend to tear daily as a result of their flat faces.  Persians make great pets because of their personalities and are a beautiful breed, but as a perspective owner you must consider whether you are willing to invest the time in caring for them.  Purr Kitty provides all new owners with a detailed outline of care instructions, but here are some things to consider before choosing to own a Persian. 

Maintaining the coat by brushing daily is also important.  Persians will develop knots in their coat if not maintained properly and it may become painful as the hair tightens into the knots.  Brushing is also a good opportunity to bond with your pet.  Purr Kitty kittens are used to being groomed since they are a few weeks old.  Bathing starts at a young age too, so that by the time they go to their new home they are not afraid nor hesitant of the experience.  When brushed daily, you are continuing that routine and your kitten will continue to react positively to the daily grooming.   Grooming also helps with shedding.  A properly groomed Persian will barely shed.  Some owners will decide to give their Persian a lion cut, perhaps during the summer months when the weather is specially hot.  Even then though, the areas left longer need to be brushed. 


All Persians are not the same.  Some may tear more than others, but all of them require daily cleaning of their eyes.  If this goes undone, the area around their eyes will stain and may develop into hard crusts that are difficult to remove.  Moreover, light colored Persians will have staining that is more noticeable.  Dark colored faces will still tear and also need maintenance even if its not so noticeable.  This is a picture of our all white male.  His face is kept clean, sometimes requiring up to 2 or 3 times a day to wipe his tearing.  But it's well worth it to enjoy those beautiful eyes in a gorgeous white and pink face.



Show cats require weekly or biweekly bathing with special shampoos and conditioners to maintain their beautiful silky coats.  At Purr Kitty all our kittens are treated like show kittens as they are developing and showing their potential.  They are given bathes and groomed appropriately.  Some of our kittens will continue into the show hall and some will be pets going to loving homes.   New owners should expect to bathe their kitten at least monthly to remove oils and continue to maintain their coats beautiful, but for a pet kitten biweekly bathing is not necessary.  Purr Kitty kittens will be used to bathing when leaving to their new homes.  Some may even enjoy the warm water and pampering.  They will be used to blow drying and after a bathe they will have extra spurts of happiness.  Persians enjoy being clean.