Purr Kitty


Black and White Male

Born:  April 30, 2014

This gorgeous boy showed potential ever since he was born.  He has a big boned cobby body, bright copper eyes, perfect bite, his ears are positioned correctly on the side of his head, a sweet expression, and he has a beautiful coat.  His sweet temperament and playful personality make him a joy to have. 

Lines:  Aventurine, D'Eden Lover, Melositos, Kuorii, Boberan, Kitty Charm,  Bluskyeyes

Tux, as we affectionately call him, was imported from Sofia, Bulgaria.  He has an extremely thick coat, smooth top head, perfect bite, big round eyes, and what a temperament!  My husband absolutely fell in love with him when he first saw him. He is top show quality and has an excellent pedigree with many titles behind him. Special thanks to Elka and Stan Stanislavova for this beautiful boy.

Aventurine's Tuxedo of Purr Kitty

Lines:  Aventurine, D'Eden Lover, Melositos, Kuorii, Boberan, Kitty Charm,  Bluskyeyes, Beaubell, Chantilylace, Esta Valley, Fanci FX, Vondeens, Aftabi, Kitjm, Wattkatz, Macglen, Couronne, Davikatz, Barmont, Harwood

Lines:  Ocalicos, Stunning Eye, D'Eden Lover, Jovan, Kuorii, Haendel, Fanci FX, Artemis, The Catwalk, Catillak, Cotn Hills, and Nestlenook

Red and White Van Tabby Male

Born:  June 29, 2016

White Male, Odd Eye Carrier

Born:  June 24, 2015

MY favorites have always been all white, so when this gorgeous little boy came along he melted my heart immediately.  In addition to having an amazing long white coat, beautiful sweet expression, and tiny ears he also has the sweetest temperament and always wants attention.  His lines from South Africa, Europe and the USA complimented beautifully the lines we were already working with.  Blizzard is our little gem and we are very grateful to Nancy for this boy.

Ocalico's Blizzard of Purr Kitty

Purr Kitty's Lion Heart

Males/ Kings