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What is a Pedigree Cat?

by Yalili Low

At Purr Kitty, we are reputable breeders breeding pedigree pure Persian cats.  What is a pedigree cat?  A pedigree cat is bred for its characteristics.  In each breed, there are certain characteristics that you are looking for.  What is the difference between a Bulldog and a Chihuahua? Well its huge even to the untrained eye.  However, in cats the difference seems to be a lot harder to discern.  I think it’s because most people are only familiar with the domestic cat.  But comparing a Maine Coon to a Rag Doll is the equivalent of my comparison between a Bulldog and a Chihuahua.  Pedigree cats are very different from each other and even more so to the domestic cat.  If you ever go to a cat show you would appreciate the large array of cat breeds out there.

Pedigree cats are bred to standard.  You have never seen a miniature Great Dane.  I get asked about Tea Cup Persians often.  If someone is selling you a Tea Cup Persian, it’s not a Persian.  That’s the same as asking for a Tea Cup Great Dane.  Persians are known for being cobby heavy boned beautiful cats.  They are not tiny.  They are mid-sized cats.  A tiny Persian is either the runt of the litter or not a Persian.  In fact, at a cat show, the size of the cat is one of the most defining factors in winning.  Most of the points go to this.

Maybe you don’t care to show your cat so if it fits the Pedigree standard it’s not important to you.  That’s fine, however would you pay the same prize for a Ferrari than you would for a Honda sold as if it was a Ferrari?  I wouldn’t!  If all I wanted was a kitten to love I would go to my local pound and adopt one.  There are many domestic cats that need a loving home.  However, someone doesn’t go out to buy a Chihuahua because they want a dog, they are looking for something specific that best fits their family and their lifestyle.  If I want a Chihuahua, I want it because it’s a small lap dog.  It’s going to keep me company.  Even though Chihuahuas seems to be moody with strangers, that’s because they are a one-person dog.  They are extremely loyal and attached to their owners.  If I wanted a dog to protect my home and have energy to play with my children I might get a bigger breed that I can keep in my yard.  Each pedigree dog fits its owner’s needs.  Pedigree cats are the same.

Some inquiries I have are about doll faced cats.  Persians have been bred to have flat faces since the 1950's.  So, if someone is selling you a doll faced cat and calling it a Persian, then what you are getting is a long haired domestic, a Honda.  There are probably doll faced domestics with long hair at the pound, save your money.  Maybe the doll faced kitten you are getting is pedigree and comes with papers?  Wrong.  A doll faced kitten probably has doll faced parents.  Therefore, the parents would be unable to win at a show since they do not meet standard.  The parents don’t have titles.  So, what you have is a paper with a family tree of your cat.  A pedigree cat would have titled parents because the parents were bred to meet standard and showed the quality of a pure breed.  A good breeder wouldn’t breed their worst quality kitten.  So, if someone is selling you a doll faced with papers they are either: A. lying about the pedigree, or B. breeding their worst quality kittens.  Is this someone that you want to invest your money in?  Why are you paying for a Ferrari when all you are getting is a Honda?  Moreover, a breeder with these standards probably doesn’t look after the wellbeing of their kittens and is just trying to make money.  How healthy is this kitten?  Can you trust someone who is lying to you? In the cat world, we call these breeders: backyard breeders.

Some doll faced breeders will claim that their cats are healthier because the extreme face of Persians is not good for their health. That is like saying that it’s not good for a Bulldog to have a flat face.  Yes, that’s true.  I’m sure the Bulldog if it had a choice would rather bigger nostrils but having a flat face doesn’t make it unhealthy.  I’m sure a Chihuahua would have wanted to be taller.  It’s a disadvantage in the wild.  But, this is only something they say to excuse the fact that they don’t have a Persian to sell you. Persians have extreme faces and they live a very long and healthy life with them.  They are not outdoor cats they are just fine sleeping on my lap and what’s more I love their smooch faces. 

So why a Persian?  For me it was simple, I wanted the sweetest most loving cat in the cat world. Persians are also very low-key not a lot of energy so they make the perfect lap cats, they enjoy taking naps with you.  They are beautiful!  Those gorgeous long coats are a lot of work to maintain but they are stunning.  They look regal. It’s a very different and unique looking cat.  They have adorable smooch faces and their fur is super soft.   Most of my kittens go to homes of people who have had Persians in the past and would love to have another.  Perhaps I’m partial, but once you have had the love and devotion of a Persian you will probably always insist on this breed. 

At Purr Kitty, our cattery is registered with CFA, the Cat Fancy Association, an internationally recognized organization with cat show competitions worldwide.  All our cats are CFA registered and I order their Pedigree on CFA official paper, because some pedigrees can be falsified.  I like my kitten parents to have peace of mind that they are purchasing a quality kitten with a true pedigree.  Our kittens have many titles behind them, they come from catteries from around the world.  We have invested considerable money and time in our cats.  They are all PKD genetic tested.   Our cattery gets checked by a veterinarian yearly and passes an inspection.  We receive the Cattery of Excellence Certificate from CFA.  We breed to standard and our cats exhibit the characteristics of a Persian.  Moreover, our cattery is cageless.  Our cats are raised in our home with love and care from the moment they are born, because of that they have sweet temperaments.  This makes a HUGE difference.  Kittens raised in cages, even Persians, don’t have the same temperament than those raised in a cageless cattery like ours.  You are purchasing a Ferrari. 


Disclaimer: The comparisons made to cars does not mean I do not like Hondas.  It’s just a comparison and it was not meant to insult.  The information on dogs is based on pets I have had in the past and my own personal observations.  Knowledge is power, and this article is meant to empower those looking to purchase a pedigree Persian cat.

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